Description Of Work: “Capital Housecraft did a fantastic job with renovating our old studio basement apartment into a modern 1 bedroom showpiece property. The work required new floors, ceilings and everything in between.  The electrical panel needed to be upgraded and walls were moved and added as needed.  The work required removing the floor and ceiling, removing the kitchen and bathroom and the old Murphy bed.  He put in a great ceramic tile floor that looks like ash wood floors.  He also added a bedroom which meant building walls, a closet and a window to make it complete.  He was able to run a new water and drain line so we could also install a washer and dryer in the property.  Please ask to the see the before and after photos [note: view photos of 1809 19th St in the photo gallery].  It’s really impressive.”
Comments: “They gave us a fair quote for the work and his timeline was spot on.  Even when I asked for extra features (an additional in-wall A/C unit and a water line to the ice maker) after it was more than half-way done, he was able to make it work.   The biggest concern I have with contractors are missing deadlines.  I realize that permits and supplies can impact the completion date, but Dustin seem to have it all figured out from the start.  Great work!”
–Tim Touchette, owner of 1809 19th Street in Dupont Circle
“Dustin is an outstanding contractor. He is intelligent, dependable and does excellent work for a reasonable price. His breadth of knowledge is amazing. I would highly recommend him.”
—Ashton Alvis, C St, Capitol Hill

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